Wyatt Jenkins Product Jazz

Exploring a "build culture."

Hey there, 

I’m a builder, a husband, a bit of a dork, obsessive at times, future music enthusiast, a content strategist and always passionate about whatever I’m doing. 

I generally have a visceral reaction to user experience be it a website, a photo or an audio track. I’m enthusiastic about building teams of people who work well together to create good. 

I used to be a DJ/Artist, here’s my profile on Beatport, my artist page on discogs, my wikipedia page and my artist page on Soundcloud where you can hear old mixes if you are feeling nostalgic. 

I also am a board member of Beatport.com - a company I am proud to have been an early partner in with original founders Eloy Lopez, Jonas Tempel and Brad Roulier.

You can follow me on Twitter here @_wyatt_earp or check out my linkedin profile here

The last two years, I’ve been working at Shutterstock and helping to grow what I think is a fantastic organization.

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